Solar Smash

Sometimes, stress and worries of your everyday life make you want to crush the world. If you feel like the level of anger in your mind is too high, then we suggest that you should get rid of it without actually hurting anyone. And there is no better way to do so than playing a cool stress-releasing game. One of the best representatives of this format definitely is Solar Smash, a title where a huge destruction arsenal is at your disposal. You have all opportunities to ruin entire planets any way you like. The game offers a huge amount of the most creative and funny ways to do it. Are you ready for a real smash? Then jump into the game and get ready to try endless destruction means, breaking the huge cosmic bodies with your own hands.
So, the mightiest weapons are all at your hands and you are welcome to choose any of them. For example, you can the rockets and aim them at a chosen planet. They will fly fast through the outer space and hit the planet from different sides. We bet that it will slide into pieces! Also, you can use lasers to cut the ball of the planet into slices. Also, you can do everything more naturally – use the asteroids and make them hit the aim. On the top of that, you can control the gravity and make the planets hit each other to destroy both of them at the same time. The double destruction must one of the most entertaining ways to play this game. Of course, we recommend you to try them all out, because they are different and great. Then you will choose your own style of ruination and practice it along the game, if you want to!
The game allows you to try all the destruction methods out and see what you can do. The spectacular explosions and ruination are detailed and realistic, so you will see planets breaking into pieces and turning into the space dust. This is a really barbarian entertainment, but we bet that we will have fun breaking a couple of planets into small parts. Indeed, it is hard to imagine something more relaxing than such a massive destruction controlled with your own hands. The animation is really beautiful, so if you are a fan of cosmic pictures and incredible space landscapes, you will definitely enjoy the aesthetical part as well. Make the destruction look really impressive and do your best to smash every single planet! The game is absolutely free and you can play it right on this page. The full arsenal of weapons and destruction opportunities are available, the entire game with all its features is unblocked and full. Have fun and see the worlds burning!

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