Solar Smash Online

Have you been looking for a great time killer that will keep your attention hooked for hours? Well, we have something really special for you. This is an online version of Solar Smash, the one you can play right from your Internet browser without a necessity to download and install anything. This impressive time killer is absolutely entertaining and epic – for those players, who prefer serious and massive destructions. Break the planets and entire universe, if you want to! The game has so many great features to help you do that with delight.
Everything is pretty simple at Solar Smash. This game cannot be lost and there are no ways to fail the tasks. You are free to enjoy the gameplay, easy and straightforward. Everything you have to do is just choosing the ways to smash the solar system, ruining all the planets one by one. There are various destruction means here, including cosmic lasers, bombs, rockets, and space bodies like other planets and meteorites. Enter the game and start by choosing the planet, then the weapon to ruin it. See the impressive explosion and move to another planet. Repeat! The only task you have here is to turn the planets into dust without leaving even the smallest piece. The realism is striking! All the visuals, including planets and the environment are created in cooperation with space scientists. The developers used real-life photos and videos of planets to recreate them in the best manner imaginable. One of the best things here is an opportunity to see the planets from all sides – they are 3D and rotatable.
Clear the galaxy and make all the cosmic bodies disappear! The game can boast of having high quality – from visuals and sounds to destruction principles, it is perfect. Not only aesthetically, but also from the point of physics. The title will keep you playing for hours and we bet that you will come back to it any time you feel that you would like to see the galaxy ruined. If you destroy the planets, where people live (for example Earth), you will see the amount of deaths you caused. The numbers are striking, but the game doesn’t seem any violent, because you actually don’t see any creatures and people dying.

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