Solar Smash Shield

Did you know that Solar Smash, the game about cosmic destruction, is so diverse that you can even… defend the planets? Well, yes! This title allows you to put the challenging obstacles for yourself when playing. This will make your experience even more exciting and unusual. Now we would like to focus on one of the most mysterious and interesting features and tell you more about using it. This is the massive shield you can place around the Earth. Here we go.
So, when you open the menu with planets, there is one iron ball there, covered with blue lightened lines. This actually is a shield. To make it really unbreakable, you have to try destroying it for a couple of times – this will make it stronger. This is how you do that. Set the shield and use red laser to hit it. Then restart the game. Repeat the same action with the shield for a couple of times. If you want to have a real super-duper defense, you can try repeating these actions for at least five times. When you are done, then most of your weapons will become useless against the planet and breaking it will be really hard. You have that shield! Protect the Earth and then try to ruin it. This is a great fun.
You must be wondering, how to destruct the planet when it is covered by such a solid shelter? There is one cool trick you can do. The covered planet fears nothing but the exploded sun. If you are wondering, if the shield can save the planet from the huge sun explosion, then you just have to try. Slow down the time to catch the sun and shoot it with the red laser for a couple of times. This will be enough for a massive sun explosion. However, one the heat will start reaching the Earth, the amount of people will be reducing – the problem is that the shield cannot keep the heat. The planet will explode, but the shield will stay in the outer space, all alone. One day, the aliens flying around the space, will find this strange object in the empty area. No sun, no Earth, but only a shield. Strange enough, so try it yourself! We bet that this trick will definitely entertain you and bring some fresh air to your game. Also, you should try experimenting with the shield, its hardness, and ability to stand against different types of weapons. Protect and then destroy – feel yourself like an evil god!

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