There are numerous ways to destroy planets in Solar Smash. You can use any kind of imaginable weapons to perform impressive strikes and let your heart of a destructor rejoice witnessing a huge catastrophe. However, there are secret ways to make special effects in the game and cool tricks to destroy the planets efficiently and really fast. Maybe, you didn’t know much about them, so we are going to discuss some right now. Let’s focus on the most impressive and spectacular means of cosmic ruination!
So, whenever you launch the game Solar Smash, the very first planet you usually have to deal with by default is Earth. This planet is inhabited by human beings and they do have technologies. That is why, whenever you send an army of aliens or any other flying objects, a real armada of space invaders, your enemies can shoot you before you make a strike. You should mind that some countries are more developed than the others. For example, America, Russia, China, and some parts of Europe, where the lights are usually burning bright, are the most desirable areas for destruction – there are more people living there. At the same time, they will more likely to defend themselves. This is where your geography knowledge will be tested! Try to strike the nearby countries with numerous UFOs at the same time – the bombs will ruin the territories of desired countries partly, which will make their defense lower. Then you can strike them precisely.
Also, there are flying cosmic planes to use in the game. Did you know that you can choose their amount? Well, try setting at least 60 of them and you will see the game going crazy, when they all fly and strike at the same time. If you have problems with the planets covered with shields, then you should start striking them with lasers to detect the weak parts of that shelter. Once you see them marked, make sure to send black holes to that areas and absorb the planet. Inside of the shielded planets you will find alien artifacts! Have fun and happy destroying with Solar Smash!

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