Solar Smash Unblocked

There is nothing more frustrating than finding an online version of the game that has blocks! What is more, buying one is even more frustrating. However, no more troubles for you, because you have already found the best place to play unblocked titles – our website. Here you will find numerous entertainments of all genres that are able to satisfy the taste of every gamer. Among them, you will find the very unique representative of simulators – Solar Smash. This is a real masterpiece where all fans of epic destructions and beauty of explosions will find what they have been looking for. Are you ready for something as amazing as a huge cosmic destruction? Here you go!
The unblocked version of Solar Smash includes all the features you have ever wanted to use. You will find all types of weapons with different settings, so feel free to set the amount of simultaneous strikes and their power. You can break the planets with anything that can explode, burn, and fly on incredible cosmic speeds. From rockets to UFOs, lasers, and even the black holes. The weapons can be combined in a killing range of death, so you will see the amount of victims growing like crazy. When you are done running the Earth, you can move to another planet, be it Mars or Jupiter, or even a fictional one, covered with a massive shield. Some cosmic civilizations are trying to protect themselves from you, a crazy destroyer, but even the most technologically-developed have no idea how wide your deadly arsenal is. Have fun watching the planets burn and breaking into pieces until they turn into dust and disappear once and forever! The entire Solar System is at your disposal!

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