For Two

Are you looking for an opportunity to spend a really great time with your buddy? We suggest that you should try playing the incredible Solar Smash and have fun destroying planets, one by one, until you make the entire galaxy vanish. If you agree that this is a pretty nice idea, then call your buddy and get ready to compete playing Solar Smash, a pretty unique game about cosmic invasion, massive explosions, and impressive sights of an open space. Here, you can play this game together right from your browser without a necessity to download it to your computer. So make yourself comfortable and let’s start our destructive space journey right now!
Actually, the original version of Solar Smash doesn’t have a mode for two players. However, there is nothing frustrating here, because you can play one after another. The destruction can be restarted at any moment, which means that you can start the destroying session from the very beginning whenever you want to. The sessions are usually pretty short and hardly take more than five minutes, especially if you are an experienced player. The best way to play this game in a pair with your buddy is to compete for speed – who will break the planet with less amount of strikes? Play now and see!
You will find numerous way to deal with the cosmic bodies. The weapons include everything you can imagine and more. All of them are aimed at massive destruction and cover incredible areas of the surface once you make your deadly strikes. Try the aliens’ ships, rockets, nuclear weapons, rays, and more. You can destroy the Earth and other numerous planets in different ways, so do it right now and enjoy the mightiness you possess! The hour of your triumph has come!

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