Solar Smash Mobile

Gain the power of a demiurge and ruin the world! Yes, the entire world, breaking one planet after another and leaving the space empty. This is your mission in the game Solar Smash. And nobody can stop you and interfere this massive destruction. Entertain yourself while ruining the entire galaxy and make the word vanish! This version of the game was designed for mobile devices, so you can play it on your smartphone or tablet! Both operational systems – Android and iOS – are supported! Feel welcome to become a destroyer today! Dozens of distant planets are waiting for you to crush them into small pieces, so do it right now and feel the delight of ruination!
What is waiting for you in Solar Smash? The genre of the title can be described as destruction simulator. However, you will hardly call the game violent, even though millions of people and aliens will die after you strike their home-planets. You can even track the amount of deaths on your counter. If you have already played the original version for desktops, then you might be glad to know that this one is pretty much the same. The developers did their best to rearrange the original gameplay and stunning visuals to make everything look and feel as great as it was on the big screen. The detailed small versions of different planets are still realistic and look like you watch them through the most advanced telescope ever existed. The entertainment is perfectly adapted for small screens, which means that nothing is lost – everything is as Impressive and epic as you remember from the initial version.
The mobile version is available online, so you are welcome to enter this page from your browser and reach the game right away. You don’t have to download it and occupy place on the phone or tablet – one click, and you are there! Be a cosmic destroyer, no matter where you are. Carry the entire space in your pocket and get to the ruination whenever you want to! Destroy planets when lying on your sofa, standing at the bus stop, or going to college. Have fun and make sure that you have a stable Internet connection and well-charged device. These are all you need to become a real nemesis of everything that moves! An invisible, merciless, and truly all-exterminative nemesis.

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