Solar Smash 2

If you want to feel yourself like a god that decides the destiny of the worlds, then this game will gladden you for sure! Also, Solar Smash 2 will come to your liking if you are feeling stressed and frustrated – this is a new way of getting rid from negative emotions. The destruction games have never been so epic and massive, because this one is a planet ruination simulator. What is more, this is the second part of the game, as you have already guessed. This means that your opportunities expand and there are more weapons and ways to turn planets into the dust available. The spectacular simulator is at your disposal.
When you start playing, there is a planet on the screen. It looks pretty realistic and there is a reason for that. The game developers cooperated with NASA and Space Telescope Science Institute to recreate the surfaces of different planets, that is why they all look like real. Whatever planet you choose – Mars, Jupiter, or your native Earth – you will have a chance to enjoy real-like visuals, which gives you a sense of ruining a real object, not just some digital fake. In the left side of the screen you will see various weapons and ways to hit, smash, crush, and slice the cosmic body. Various weapons and destruction means worn in their own unique ways, which ensures fresh and unusual experience every time you make a move. Among the most popular weapons, you will find lasers, nuclear weapons, rockets, asteroids, and other planets. Plan each of your destruction sessions and get the best results. Try all weapons and do your best to smash the entire huge planet with one move! The game is extremely entertaining and it is really hard to call it cruel, even though you actually turn everything into the dust.
In the second part of the game, the weapons become even more killing and the destruction – more spectacular. The developers did their best to make the scenes even more dramatic and the impressive graphics will make you think that you are actually watching a sci-fi movie. Unwrap the browser window to the full screen regime, when you start. The smallest pieces of planets and the minor textures on the surfaces will definitely make your eyes 100% delighted. The entire solar system dies today and you are the one to make it disappear, collapsing planets one by one.

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