Solar Smash 3

The massive space destruction cannot stop! Continue your ruination sessions in the third part of Solar Smash and have fun clearing the entire space from cosmic bodies, namely – the planets. You will be especially impressed by the improved graphics, new cool weapons, and additional features. The game is pretty unusual, as you may remember from the first chapter. Everything stays pretty much the same as you remember, only now the destruction opportunities are expanded and the number of breakable planets is larger. Get ready to have fun implementing the epic destruction plan in life!
Solar Smash is a unique game, where you have to become a space destroyer and make all the planets of Solar System disappear. You will have a chance to erase the planets inhabited by people, like Earth, as well as the empty ones. If you break the planet where people live, you can see the amount of deaths you have caused. This way, you eliminate both – the cosmic body and its inhabitants. Sounds nice, right? Well, there is more. When you start playing the game, you see the planet in the outer space. The initial one established by default is Earth, of course. However, you are free to change it and try your weapons on another planet, if you want to. At the edge of the screen you will find numerous weapons to deal with the planet and make it ruined. Choose the type of a cosmic attack, including dark holes, rockets, lasers, sun rays, other planets, and more. You will have to attack the planet using various exterminating weapons until it turns into dust along with the inhabitants. When you are done, feel free to move to another planet. This way, you can ruin the entire galaxy with your own hands. Easy!
One of the best features you will find in Solar Smash definitely is the visual part. The planets look really great and realistic. The three-dimensional models look like real ones, which makes the process of ruination even greater and more thrilling. The amount of killed people and survivals will inform you about the success of your strikes, so make sure to continue until they are all dead. When ruining the Earth, focus your attention on the areas that are lighten up more than the rest of the surface. These places have the highest population, so you should start your mission with them. This will help you end your task faster and use less strikes. Enjoy the game and become a destroyer of the universe right now! We bet that you will like Solar Smash and come back for more!

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