Solar Smash Game Play Online Free

One of a kind, unique and impressive, the game Solar Smash is a real treasure for everyone looking for a perfect time killer. This cool title has been developed in cooperation of NASA, so the effect, graphics, and physics are realistic here. There is only one aim you have here – destroying the planets in many enjoyable ways. The destruction can be caused by means of various weapons that have their own properties and therefore affect the planet in their own original way. Do your best to make the destruction beautiful and creative! The game provides all opportunities and tools to do so. Let’s get into details.

When a player opens the game, the very first planet he is offered is the Earth. You can choose another one, but most are entertained with an idea to ruin their native one. That’s quite natural – this planet is the only one inhabited in the Solar System. The map on the Earth’s surface is exact and impressive. You can see all the islands, continents, and countries. You can even strike the area, where you actually live (oops!). The largest cities and highly-developed areas have beautiful lights, so you can easily find them on the map. The player can track the amount of people killed by his manipulations – the numbers are located at the bottom of the screen. To make your destruction more efficient and kill more people from one hit, you should start with the cities lightened up brightly – the population there is really huge. Be ready that in case you send UFOs or rockets to make a strike, the developed countries can strike back.
Talking about the diversity of weapons available in the game, one should admit that they are pretty nice. There are lasers of different kinds that perform in their own ways. Also, you can send the whole planets there and make cool smashes. There are nuclear weapons and even Cthulhu-like huge creature with impressive limbs that can pierce the planet. Combinations of weapons can be very creative and you can add fire and lasers to different attacks – this will make them even more effective. Explode the sun and ruin the source of energy and see the Earth dying slowly. Or else – explode it to cause a wave of deadly heat that will turn the planet into ash. There are so many experiments to perform that your head will get dizzy and your misanthropic fantasies will be fully satisfied.
Not only you can break the Earth into pieces, but other planets, as well. The choice is impressive, but not all of them are inhabited. Some manipulations with weapons and shields can open different surprises to you, including alien artifacts and other strange things. Be courageous when performing your killing experiments – some of them will open new opportunities up and unblock the weapons you have never seen before. On this site, you will find a full online version of the game, as well as all the existing parts and updates. There is a mobile version for your phone, so you are welcome to continue destroying all the time! Keep tracking this section and you will be the first one to discover the fresh parts of the title, add-ons, mods, and cool features. Stay tuned and happy destruction to you!

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