Solar Smash Update

An incredibly realistic and engaging space simulator of massive planet destruction is waiting for you! Solar Smash allows you to break numerous cosmic bodies as well as entire galaxies into pieces with a couple of clicks. The most incredible game about cosmos, Solar Smash, will help you find out the mysteries of the universe and entertain yourself at the same time. This is especially the case for everyone who finds destruction and explosions beautiful. Not only you will find out more about the way planets look and the materials they are made of. Also, you will have a chance to crush them into pieces using the mightiest weapons you can imagine (and cannot).
The game is so popular because it is diverse and rich for unique content. You will become a pilot of a mysterious spaceship with a pretty serious arsenal of weapons – lasers, cannons, rockets, aliens, shields, bombs, nuclear weapons, and more. Each of these tools has a different effect on the planet you are trying to ruin. For example, you may want to use an amazing laser whether to burn 100% of people on Earth or even to draw a smiling face on the surface of the planet. This smiley can be seen from cosmos only! Also, there are bombs to ruin planets partly or entirely – throw them into the objects and see only a half of the planet remaining. And maybe you would like to start an asteroid rain? No problem. There are even more creative ways of destruction – you may distort the sun rays and make them burn the surface of the planet gradually. This is especially nice for the populated ones, like the Earth. By the way, you will see the amount of dwellers decreasing until it reaches zero.
The game allows you to choose the planets and even galaxies for ruination. If you won’t pick the planet yourself, the default one will be ours – the Earth. However, you are welcome to pick Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, or any other. What is more, you may travel to another galaxy and find unknown and even a bit strange planets there. When your choice is made, take a look at the weapons you have at your disposal. Pick the one you would like to try out – bomb and burn the planet in numerous ways and enjoy the spectacular destruction. The game has numerous realistic models of the planets – they have been created with participation of the NASA members, so authenticity is guaranteed. Make sure that even dust doesn’t remain after them – crush, smash, burn, and have fun with amazing Solar Smash game! It is available for free online on our website – try now!

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