Solar Smash for PC

Welcome to the PC version of a one-of-a-kind simulator! This is Solar Smash, an impressive and super-realistic title where you will own numerous weapons to destroy various planets of the solar system and even the entire galaxy. If you are fond of entertainments that allow you to feel yourself like a god for at least couple of hours, then this one will impress you for sure. Cosmic destruction is about to start, so get ready to see something really memorable.
The games about space should be highlighted as a unique type of art. Some of them are focused rather on constructive and educational plots. For example, the developers allow you to see the story of our planet from the very first day of its existence, find out how it is arranged, and learn something new. Yes, in some cases, such stories are really interesting and breath-taking. But if you have already played them and what is more – if you think that they are pretty boring and lack action – then you are at the right place. You will agree that using huge massive weapons to see the planets burning in fire and falling down in pieces into the cosmic void might be more entertaining. If so, then grab the rockets, nuclear weapons, and asteroids to annihilate a couple of astronomical bodies.
To play this title on your computer, you just have to push the Play button! That’s all. No downloads, no payments, no installations – play it from your browser online whenever you feel so. When the game starts, you have to choose the first “victim”, the planet you would like to smash. Then pick the weapons you like the most and start the bombing. The game can boast of amazing modern visual effects that make everything look photographic and real. This time-killer brings a sense of presence, since the three-dimensional models can be rotated anyhow and observed from all sides. Have no mercy and make them all turn into space sand! Have fun and enjoy the beauty of destruction!

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