New Update

Behold, the updated version of a unique planet destruction game is here! You are welcome to play Solar Smash, namely – the improved one. This game is complied with new visual effects, better graphics, and improved combat system. Have fun playing the real masterpiece and one-of-kind cosmic destruction title. Here, you will decide the destiny of the entire space, breaking planets into pieces, burning them, and reaching their cores. Would you like to relax this fine evening and laugh like an evil genius that enjoy the world supremacy? We know that this is something you have been secretly dreaming of. Jump in!
The very first planet you are going to destroy is your native Earth. Like any other planet in the game, the Earth has a special feature. As you know, people are living there and what is more – people have technologies. They can track the sky and see suspicious and potentially dangerous objects flying over their cities. This means that you have to be very smart and strategic if you would like to destroy the civilization efficiently. So, whenever you send your alien troops or other objects of destructions to erase the humanity from the surface of the planet (and then destroy that blue ball, as well), the developed countries will stab back and try to ruin your spaceship or bag the rockets. Make sure to strike the less developed countries – the explosion will graze the neighbor and the defense will weaken. Also, one of the most spectacular and interesting ways to destroy the Earth is striking the sun. You don’t have to aim all of your weapons at the blue planet, but you can ruin the sun to make it explode and burn the planet.
The updated version includes more planets with shields that you will have to break in different ways. In most cases, a combination of different types of weapons will do. For example, you can weaken the defense with the help of a laser and then send something more powerful like an all-absorbing black hole. Try various strategies and see what works better for every single case. The number of rockets and strikes you activate at the same moment can be adjusted and increased – the nuclear rain or 50+ rockets can be very effective.

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